Academic Impact Index (AII)

From my nano blog, nanotella:

Hirsch index seems to be working better for senior or semi-senior professors. The untenured and yet to be graduated (e.g. grad students) are not easy to track in h-index. In other words, h-index is not that sensitive below 5.

Here's a suggestion for an academic impact index (AII):

Your AII = Total [(journal impact factor + times cited)x n]

n=1 if you are not the first, second or corresponding author
n=1.5 if you are the second author
n=2 if you are the first and/or corresponding author

For example, the 5th year chemistry graduate student Jack Sparrow has 3 journal papers (peer reviewed). His Chemistry of Materials paper has 4 citations, Advanced Materials has 11 and JACS (second author) has none because it's just come out.

His AII = (4.883 + 4)x2 + (8.191 + 11)x2 + (7.885 + 0)x1.5 = 67.976 = 68

So Mr. Sparrow's Academic Impact Index (AII) is 68.

1. If there is no data for a journal's impact factor then put "0" for impact factor.

Advantages of this method:
1. Everything counts
2. The level of authorship matters (i.e. first, second or corresponding)
3. The journal you are publishing in is important
4. Any newly published papers have an immediate impact on your score
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