My first grant as a PI

Early Sunday, about 3 am in the morning, I got a phone call from my dear friend Prof. Mert Atilhan that the grant we applied for was awarded. This marks my first (substantial) grant as a principal investigator (PI). It's for $1,035,382 to be exact and the duration is 3 years. Thanks Qatar Foundation!

The abstract is as follows (also available here):

"The aim of this proposed work is to create high surface area solid state materials that can be precisely defined at the atomic level in order to provide a high throughput basis for the optimization of CO2 capture, conversion and co-activation with methane.
This proposed work focuses on the design, production, characterization and testing of materials that potentially have a high capability of capturing carbon dioxide from natural gas precombustion feed and post combustion effluent gases. Conversion and coactivation with methane will also be sought in the scope of this proposal. First phase of our work is to design and synthesize the candidate materials. Second phase will contain testing for carbon dioxide capture performances and catalytic co-activation with methane. The sorbent catalysts that show promise will be advanced to the third phase where pilot scale tests will take place. Following groups will be investigated:
• Mesoporous materials with compositional and structural functionality for CO2 capture, conversion and coactivation
• Hydrotalcites
• Oxime based Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF)
• High surface area inorganic carbonates, borates and iodates
Upon completion of the material synthesis, Stucky and Yavuz will also carry out full characterization of the materials prior to CO2 capture capacity determination. Samples with high affinity to CO2 capture and conversion will be analyzed in detail at the Atilhan group’s “Magnetic Suspension Sorption Device” in Qatar."
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