Visiting Princeton March 8-9

I'll be visiting Princeton University next Monday to give a talk on:

Sustainable nanoscale solutions for environmental challenges

Grand environmental challenges often require fundamental approaches to the chemistry that best tackles with them. And the good things do come in small packages. Together with the low cost and accessible technologies, there is great potential for durable nanoscale solutions that can be widely applied. Arsenic removal by magnetite (Fe3O4) nanocrystals that are made from everyday chemicals such as edible oils and rust presents not just another way but one with significant potential for the dissemination of the procedure to the end users. With the power of the open source concept, this knowledge can be improved, tested and if necessary revised. Similarly, one can develop reversible carbon dioxide (CO2) capture by using metal oxides from the refuge or junkyards. We suggest that zinc and magnesium mixed carbonates or hydrotalcites offer the most feasible and reversible sorption. Catalysis with nano materials offers significant advantage in greenhouse gas (esp. CO2 and CH4) conversion to environmentally benign chemical feedstocks.
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