Useful Links


IMPORTANT: This collection is for advisory only, always consult experienced researchers before applying any of the suggestions listed here.

Wet chemistry:
1. Video on Freeze, pump, thaw solvents on the Schlenk line
2. How to degas solvents

Reference material:
3. NMR Chemical Shifts of Trace Impurities ($)
4. Bordwell pKa table in DMSO
5. Evan's pKa table
6. William's pKa compilation
7. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online ($)
8. SGTE Alloy Phase Diagrams
9. the Materials Project

Essential safety procedures and precautions:
10. Ten Commandments of Safety at ONE Lab
11. Treatment of HF Exposure - "Know this before you need it!"
12. Comprehensive Laboratory Guide by Prof. Anne McNeil Lab at the University of Michigan


Academic advice:
1. Assessing academic researchers by Dick Zare
2. How to write a paper by G. M. Whitesides ($)
3. Tips for success on your path to tenure
4. A brief guide to designing effective figures for the scientific paper by Marco Rolandi ($)
5. Writing a paper by Teri W. Odom

Fun links on graduate school and academia:
1. PhD Comics (please click here for a personal collection of selected comics)
2. XKCD (brilliant, legendary scribbles from a scientist)

Some academic societies to consider:
1. American Chemical Society (ACS)
2. Materials Research Society (MRS)
3. Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

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